Fixtures Meeting

Another great turn out for training on Sunday. Angelo will be opening early (this time at 3pm) to assist the beginners, so make sure you sign up for that here so we know numbers.


Normal training runs from 5-7pm at RSS – no coach Trevor this week, so the session will be led by the rest of the experienced players.


The committee will be discussing squads and subs this Sunday, so if we still haven’t seen you this season let us know whether you intend to join us and what level you are.


I attended the very frantic Herts Volleyball Association (HVA) fixtures meeting last night. I didn’t get enough replies from ladies wishing to commit to a ladies’ team, so instead we’ve entered another team in Men’s Division 2. The plan is for that team to be predominantly a ladies’ (and juniors’) squad so they can build their team play with the aim of entering the ladies’ league next year. Come on ladies – there’s over 30 of you on my email list, so let’s see you at training.


Kings Langley teams this year:

  • HVA Men’s Division 1 Team –Kings
  • HVA Men’s Division 2 Team –Knights
  • HVA Men’s Division 2 Team –Chargers (top of my head and alternative names gladly considered)
  • HVA Men’s KO Cup.
  • Development/friendly Rooks


Accidentally, I seem to have managed to leave quite a few free Sundays for full Club training and as per last year, those players not playing are invited to train on Sunday, we just need to be flexible on times. Basically, we try to squeeze as much training as we can in around our fixtures. We’ll be playing our home matches at 3pm, 5pm or 7pm depending on requirements. Plenty of other teams play on other days of the week, so be prepared for midweek fixtures. Fixtures will be up on the HVA website within a couple of weeks. We may struggle for refs, particularly for Div 2 matches, so the aim is for some of us to qualify as refs for the club this year (there are some HVA and Club subs available for this).


HVA Men’s Division 1 x7 teams

MK City, Kings Langley Kings, Red Eagles, VK Mets, Watford, Welwyn Hatfield Wolves and Harriers.


HVA Men’s Division 2 x9 teams

Vale Pirates, Kings Langley Knights, Kings Langley Chargers, Welwyn Hatfield Hawks, VK Southgate, Buzzards, RSS, Red Eagles, Watford.


HVA Women’s Division x7 teams

MK City, Welwyn Hatfield Queen Bees, Welwyn Hatfield Wildcats, Red Eagles, Vale Vixens, VK Mets, Buzzards.


RSS have their own team back this year and play their matches at the school at 7pm on Sundays, which can conflict with our own match planning and training. We have a new club joining HVA from Leighton Buzzard, we have lost Enfield (not enough players) and lost Cranfield (remaining players merged with MK City and now play National League). Red Eagles and Watford are entering new Div 2 teams (although Watford is only 50/50). WH Wolves were promoted to Div1, but Harriers were not demoted just because of the number of new Div 2 teams.


You can check out the fantastic (even if I do say so myself) HVA website at although that’s still showing last season’s fixtures.