A new season approaches

We’ve had a great summer on the beach courts in St Albans. Those Sunday sessions end next Sunday, but Thursdays will continue until the end of September.

From Sunday 3rd September, we’re back training indoors in readiness for the new season. Everybody is welcome and the first session is free. We haven’t decided on subs yet, but I expect them to increase to £75 twice per season to cover the increase in hall fees, but that covers all training and matches.

We’re here http://www.kingslangleyvolleyball.club/about and the session runs from 5pm to 7pm.

We expect to have a Men’s Div 1 and a Men’s Div 2 squad in the county league. We will also have a rookie squad like last year, with lots of friendlies and matches for all abilities. We’d love to reform the ladies’ team, so if you’re a lady with some volleyball experience, we’re very keen to see you asap in September.