Training sessions added

I've added all the "full training" sessions to the calendar. These are our usual Sunday 5pm to 7pm sessions at RSS where both the women and men are available. There are 14 of those, but doesn't take in to account any sessions we may cancel due to school holidays, etc.

We may also add some other training sessions:

  1. After home games. E.g. the ladies have a 5pm home match on Sunday 18th October. The men (and any ladies who wanted to) could train after, from the end of the game (approx. 6.30pm) until 8pm if RSS don't have a home game themselves.
  2. Mid-week. If we have any long spells where matches are getting in the way of training, we may try to plan some mid-week training for those that can make it.

Watch this space for those.