Seeking Beginner Friendly Fixtures

Due to our rather successful summer recruitment campaign, Kings Langley have a large number of players looking to play in a small number of games. Rather than have people sat on the bench, we've decided to split our Div 2 squad between the existing "Knights" team and a new development squad we're going to call the "Rooks".

The Rooks is made up of a mixture of abilities; some total beginners, some long time players who have only ever played social volleyball, some juniors, men and women. That's the sort of level we're talking about. As a local village club, if people can't start their volleyball journey with us, who can they start with?

We've already sorted out some friendlies with RSS and VK Barnet - thanks chaps.

If there are any other club out there wanting to play some players who aren't otherwise getting too many games and are about the right level, we'd love to hear from you and we're happy to play weekends, mid-week, home or away.

Please contact Angelo or Richard at