Additional Training

With a lot of new players joining us recently, we're in a position to train when we don't have a home match and when only one of the ladies'/men's teams have a Sunday away match. I'll add those to the calendar as "Additional Training" and anybody who is available is welcome to attend. So, next Sunday we're training even though the women (should) have an away match that day.

We're also considering an extra training session on Saturday mornings to cater for juniors and improvers. If you're with the club or wanting to join us and interested in that, then please get in touch.

Possible Extra Training

I've added four extra Friday training sessions to the calendar. These fall in periods where we can't train because we have lots of games. I'll ask for feedback on these at the next training session as to whether we should book these.

New net touch rule

Hertfordshire Volleyball Association are implementing the following new rule (amongst others) for the new 15/16 season.

"Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault."

See this page on for more information.

Net Touch!


Training sessions added

I've added all the "full training" sessions to the calendar. These are our usual Sunday 5pm to 7pm sessions at RSS where both the women and men are available. There are 14 of those, but doesn't take in to account any sessions we may cancel due to school holidays, etc.

We may also add some other training sessions:


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